The worlds of creators and consumer brands are coming ever closer, with YouTubers and influencers seeing huge success in launching their own products. We worked with creator the Sidemen to help them launch incredible brands across the world of food, beverage and clothing.

The Background

The Sidemen are the biggest creator collective in Europe, with over 93 million fans and billions of views worldwide.

In 2021 they launched three Sidemen-owned brands: premium vodka XIX Vodka, global fried chicken delivery concept Sides, and Side+, Sidemen’s own membership club. They also continued to grow their apparel brand; Sidemen Clothing.

What We Did

Initially starting on work on Sidemen Clothing, we launched a data-driven digital marketing strategy targeting Sidemen fans across Meta Ads, Tik-Tok Ads, Snap Ads and Google Ads, driving sales across multiple collections and product drops, including a release with beloved British book series Mr. Men and iconic streetwear brand Ellesse.

As well as driving sales via paid media, we also transformed Sidemen Clothing’s email strategy, moving the brand over to the Klaviyo platform to completely redesign their marketing emails and introduce various email flows designed to increase revenue from their growing customer base.