BET International was the home of Black British content & culture before it was shut down in early 2021. We worked with Paramount (formerly ViacomCBS) to bring it back to life as a YouTube-first channel.

The Background

BET International operated as a cable channel across the UK from 2007, showcasing the very best that Black culture in the UK had to offer.

After getting removed from the air in 2021, Paramount had ambitions to retain the audience that it had cultivated through digital-first channels. We stepped in to help them relaunch their stagnating social channels, and to help them accelerate their growth and revenue.

What We Did

We worked directly with the BET Editorial teams to relaunch their UK YouTube channel, featuring original programming as well as optimised content taken from their on-air presence. Our team of YouTube channel managers optimise the delivery of the content, aligning engaging thumbnails with captivating titles and descriptions, to make sure we're reaching new audiences daily.

Alongside the UK channel, we have also worked with the Paramount to relaunch their digital efforts in France and Africa. Our local teams are bilingual and allow us to reach audiences in their local tongues, further deepening the audience's connection with

We are proud to say that Be A Bear have helped to establish BET as a powerhouse in the digital publishing world, and look forward to continuing to accelerate their presence.

The Results

In the first 6 months of relaunching the channel, we achieved the following:

12,846,385 in total views.
832,547.7 hours of watch time.

This resulted in:

50% increase in total viewership
54% increase in total watch time (hours)
193% increase in revenue