Mindful Chef is a nutritional brand that provides its subscribers with recipe kit boxes that include fresh, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow healthy recipes.

The Background

Set up in 2015 and listed as the UK's highest rated recipe box, Mindful Chef had ambitions to continue growing its audience during one of the busiest months for everyone: January. After Christmas and New Year, in addition to being busy returning from holidays, opening our emails to find several emails to reply or promising ourselves to start the year in a healthy way, Mindful Chef decided to carry out an influencers campaign.

What We Did

In just 2 weeks, our Strategy team managed to coordinate one of the brand's largest influencer campaigns. Our team recruited and negotiated with influencers who aligned with the brand values from across the UK and scheduled their deliveries. The campaign included Doctors, Nutritionists, Athletes, Parents and Foodies.

Be A Bear successfully managed the campaign budget, closing deals with 42 influencers. We briefed all influencers and their representatives, coordinated the content and delivery dates of each one, checked that the publication was correct and handled any enquiry they might have. We are proud we took care of the entire process, helping Mindful Chef achieve rewarding results at ease.

The Results

42 influencers across the UK
1M+ people within the community
261K of people impacted
3.18% of engagement rate