The Sidemen are the biggest YouTube group in the United Kingdom, and we have worked with their teams to help launch their incredible brands across the world of food, beverage and clothing.

The Background

The Sidemen are a group of friends who started out recording themselves playing video games in the early 2010s. As time went on they diversified their content and developed the Sidemen name into a strong, commercial brand. They are currently the biggest YouTube group in the United Kingdom in terms of total subscribers.

Sides is their take on fast food, they offer a tasty selection, focusing primarily on fried chicken, waffle fries and a selection of tasty sauces.

What We Did

We have worked closely with the Sides team to develop and evolve their email marketing campaigns, not just to accompany their social media marketing efforts, but to reach out to customers in a fun, engaging and informative way that only email can provide.

Throughout our time with them, we have helped grow their subscriber base through targeted campaigns as they continue to expand Sides to more and more locations.

During the Easter months, we collaborated with their social media team to create a multi-channel campaign that would cross-pollinate their audiences. We used email as a platform to send out a series of Easter egg hunt mailers which encouraged subscribers to visit the Sides Tiktok account to win Sides vouchers.

Working alongside the established fast-food brand that Sides has become and using innovative thinking to multiply their channels’ audiences is something to be proud of.

The Results

Grew email subscribers to over 50,000 people within 6 months of launch.
30%+ average open rate