ROAR 16|08

The week in digital marketing.

ROAR is back; this time with a two week catch-up, taking a look at the recent trends and happenings within the marketing world that have caught our eye recently.


Maurten have launched their Maurten Unofficial collection, featuring completely anonymous products for athletes who are sponsored by other brands, but would rather use their products. Take a look at their recent social campaign:


Start-up dating app, Honeypot, caused a stir in the streets of London last week with their first ever Guerilla marketing stunt. A whiteboard was placed outside one of the Liverpool Street Station entrances - the third busiest in the UK - plastered with a fake public shaming. The team spent just over £50 on the large whiteboard and pens, and the stunt resulted in an estimated one million multi-platform impressions.


ASOS shared a witty response to an Easyjet social complaint that they received on Twitter this week. The photo in question has since been retweeted over 7,500 times, and has been liked by over 12,000 people; depicting a woman sat in a chair with no back rest on a flight to Geneva. ASOS was quick to join the conversation by sharing one of their backless orange dresses. Yes ASOS.


Spotted in Victoria Underground Station: the OLIO campaign - an app designed to reduce food waste by encouraging users to share their food with neighbours and friends through their app. The campaign acknowledges that it may seem like an odd concept, but points at the sheer amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis and then questions whether you still think sharing food is ‘weird.’ We think it’s cool.


Lastly, ground coffee in bags? Mind = blown.

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