ROAR | 27/09

The week in digital marketing.

From Greta’s inspiring campaign (and the memes that inevitably followed), to IKEA’s touching story of a bond between 2 dogs, we’re back with this weeks ROAR - a quick catch up on the digital marketing news that caught our eye this week.


Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot’s new short film warns us that man is destroying natural climate solutions such as forests, mangroves and seagrass meadows - crucial in repairing the planet’s broken climate, but only receive 2% of funding spent on cutting emissions. Their call to protect, restore and fund life support systems was shown to both heads of state and the UN’s climate and biodiversity chiefs in New York. Check it out below:

And if looks could kill… Greta's ‘death stare’ at Trump didn’t go unnoticed at the UN climate summit, with social media exploding with users repurposing the iconic image to hilarious effect… here’s a few of our favourites:


A bond between two dogs, if that’s not click-bait enough… IKEA’s new campaign, ‘love story’ plays on our heart-strings, telling a story of a dog who’s adopted by a loving family, but must leave her best friend behind in the process. Give it a watch below. We must warn you, though, it’s a tear-jerker:


Facebook will begin testing hiding like counts in the hope that it will make people feel better. Starting in Australia, posts will now only display that it was liked by “[a friend] and others” instead of displaying numbers and had come shortly after Instagram’s trials. Read some more here. Let’s see if it sticks...

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