ROAR | 28/6

The week in digital marketing.

ROAR, we’re back. Taking a look at the recent happenings within the digital marketing space this past week. Content that makes you stop, look and engage with are built from effective digital strategies; we’re obsessed with the stuff and you are too. We use this to carve out our own strategies to help grow online businesses and audiences.

So no more mindless scrolling, let’s give our thumbs a rest, just take a look at the good stuff:


It’s no surprise that Apple has released yet another epic campaign. The brand’s new “Bounce” clip was created to show off the flexibility of the AirPods, featuring an average Joe on a not-so-average morning commute. With wireless charging and voice-activated Siri, the gravity defying video symbolises the product’s ability to break-away from the imprisonment of wires to a free and flexible listening experience. Take a look above!


Uber’s latest “What Moves You Moves Us” campaign represents a tribute to the hard work and determination of the Uber driver, placing them at the heart of the film. The campaign comes after the company’s updated in-app features following recent controversy that resulted in drivers striking in demand for better pay and working conditions. These features include alerts that signal to drivers when the are in a busy area, allow them to track their payments more easily and start and end tips without a network connection. Watch the clip above!


Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping to fight gas pollution with Veloz - a non-profit group dedicated to increasing electric car sales in this hilarious new campaign. Schwartzenegger goes undercover as a car salesman named Howard Kleiner on a mission (but failing) to sell gas-guzzlers to people who want electric cars. Schwartzenegger rounds-off the video with the benefits of purchasing an electric car. Read more on The Drum.


Finally, we thought we’d share news from IKEA who have launched ‘the world’s comfiest font’: The Soffa Sans. Take a look!

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