ROAR | 5/4

The week in digital marketing.

We are obsessed with success, and to make sure we're always on top of our game we watch audiences, trends and momentary memes to learn how to drive revenue in a landscape that’s changing every single day.

ROAR is an insight to what we are keeping a close eye on.

April Fools happened on Monday, and with it came an opportunity for brands to add a bit of humour to their social feeds in order to connect with wider audiences. The success levels varied a fair bit, with some brands nailing it on the head, and others ending up looking red-faced when their joke or prank didn't quite land.

Big names such as Sainsbury’s, Lego, McDonald’s, and Google all got in on the act, but we’ve picked out our favourites from Ann Summers, Candy Kittens, and BE A BEAR client PRESS.


Apple released a new ad this week and it’s a winner. The 3-minute clip focusses on a small team at work on one of Apple’s most infamous designs - the circular piazza box (yep, it’s real). Take a look:


Influencer marketing has had some rough press in the last couple of years thanks to disasters such as Fyre Festival, but The Drum has put together a nice little guide of what you need to know to use it effectively. They break it down into three factors to think about: Transparency, Authenticity and Vetting. If you are thinking of using influencer marketing, it's well worth a read. Read more on The Drum.


Rising artist slowthai recently announced details of his highly anticipated debut album Nothing Great About Britain. The record sees the rapper speaking candidly about his upbringing on the council estates of Northampton. The bleak sounding title has been backed with a strong outdoor advertising campaign which has been picked up by many and shared across social platforms. Take a look at a few of the billboards below:

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