ROAR | 5/7

The week in digital marketing.

ROAR. We're back once again with everything that has caught our eye in the digital marketing this past week, as well as a very cute photo of some bears.


Proctor and Gamble have released a limited edition range of rebranded Fairy Liquid, with the new name, “Fair” to coincide with Pride Month. P&G are attempting to create a new tone when it comes to LGBT representation, striving for a deeper understanding of cultural change and promote inclusion of the LGBT community all year round. Parallel with the release, P&G is donating £50,000 to LGBT youth homeless charity Akt, who Brent Miller (leader of LGBT+ communications at P&G) explains are overrepresented amongst the homeless population. Read his interview with Campaign ​here.

To accompany the Fairy rebrand, P&G has also launched, “The Fairy Fair Film” created and produced by Cherryduck in partnership with Akt, and directed by Kyle Legg. Watch the full film below.


Cancer research UK is calling on government-led change to tackle obesity with their new “Obesity is the cause of cancer too” campaign, taking on a visual representation of old cigarette packs. By increasing the awareness of the link between obesity and cancer, the charity hopes to inspire policies that will create a healthier environment and consequently encourage individuals to make healthier life choices. Policies such as increased taxation, marketing bans and increased public awareness of health risks have all helped to lower smoking rates in the UK over the past 50 years. Read more about the campaign ​here.


With the growth in the consumption of no- and low- alcohol beer and spirits, Guinness have revealed that they too have begun research and innovations for a non-alcoholic alternative - game changer, we know!

Determined not to rush the creation, Guinness has revealed that the process hasn’t been without difficulty, particularly when it comes to achieving acceptable quality. Read more about the news with insider comments ​here.

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