ROAR | 12/4

The week in digital marketing.

ROAR is an insight into what we are keeping a close eye on in the digital world. We are constantly watching audiences, trends and momentary memes to learn how to drive revenue in a landscape that’s changing every single day.

Here's what got our attention this week:

For its launch in the US market, French refurbished smart phones and home electronics start up Back Market has created a brilliant campaign working with some of the world's biggest social media influencers (sort of...). The clever part is that they've done it all without the influencers even knowing. The campaign sees the company "refurbish" old tweets from the likes of Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and more, seemingly turning them into brand ambassadors. Take a look below:


Halifax has launched a new ad campaign this week by adam&eveDDB. Directed by The Sacred Egg for Riff Raff Films, the spot features a slinky toy strutting its stuff around a new home as a family move in. It's soundtracked by Kool and the Gang’s “Jungle Boogie” and is well worth a watch below:


Mother London has created a simple but strikingly effective outdoor campaign for IKEA’s new Greenwich store. Focussing on the fact that it’s the Swedish furniture giants most sustainable store to date, Mother London has placed posters around Greenwich featuring step counts which reveal how far away the store is. The idea is to further reduce IKEA customers’ carbon footprint by encouraging them to walk to the store or alternatively use public transport. Often the simplest ideas are the best!


This week Lush took the bold step of closing all of its social media accounts. Announcing the news on Twitter (won’t be able to do that anymore!), Lush said it was "tired of fighting with algorithms” and it does not want to "pay to appear in your newsfeed”. The company has announced it wants to build a community with customers able to contact them directly through live chat on its website, via email and by phone. It will be interesting to see how this pans out for Lush. Its social media following was very strong with 568k followers on Instagram and 202k followers on Twitter, so that’s a very large audience to potentially set to one side. Read more about it on BBC News.


This week scientists revealed the very first image of a black hole. Despite some people finding the image underwhelming and immediately creating memes to mock what is a monumental scientific achievement, the reaction was pretty huge on social media. This of course meant that brands were looking at opportunities to capitalise on the engagement this story was receiving. Take a look on AdAge to see a few examples.


Greenpeace has produced a new ad spot aiming to put pressure on Nestlé and its use of plastic (Nestlé produced 1.7 million tonnes of plastic packaging last year). The Stranger Things inspired clip sees a fictional Nestlé employee with the title of 'Chief Plastics Officer' heading to a vending machine to purchase a bottle of water. However, instead of delivering his water, the vending machine provides something far more sinister. Watch below:

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