ROAR | 17/5

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IKEA has teamed up with animation duo layzell bros for its new campaign ‘We love the things you hate’. The colourful animated clips all focus on an aspect of IKEA shopping which are seen to be the less enjoyable parts of the experience - getting big pieces of furniture home, looking after your kids during a long shopping trip, and assembling the furniture when you get home (we actually love this part…). The clips show that IKEA staff are more than happy to take care of these annoyances for you. The animations are very nicely done and they’re well worth a look here and below.


If you were ignoring TikTok in the hopes that it was just another brief social media craze that could never compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it might be time to take notice. The short-video sharing app has now topped the App Store chart for the fifth quarter in a row, receiving more than 33 million downloads this quarter alone. Brands will surely be taking note and looking to reach this growing audience on the platform sooner rather than later. Read more about it on TechCrunch.


Calvin Klein’s latest ad for its #MyCalvins campaign sees supermodel Bella Hadid kissing CGI influencer Lil Miquela in a surreal short clip. If you didn’t know, Lil Miquela is an incredibly popular computer-generated social media personalty who has 1.5million followers on Instagram. CGI influencers working with brands is still a relatively new concept, and this is by far the most high profile example to date, but going by the reaction and the amount of coverage this campaign is receiving, we imagine there’ll be plenty more like this in the future. Watch below.


Brooklyn-based agency Huge has created its own beer using a recipe informed by machine learning. The agency took on the enviable task of tasting a range of different beers each week since 2013 and recording the what they think. Their analytics team then used natural language processing and machine learning to identify core attributes of what makes a great beer from their data. Based on their findings, they created two beers - an IPA with blackberry and another featuring raspberry and lactose. It’s a great experiment and something that larger breweries will surely be thinking of as they consider their next creation. Read more about it on AdWeek.

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