ROAR | 26/07

The week in digital marketing.

The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s been rising, have a read through this week’s ROAR to find out the recent news, trends and happenings within the digital marketing world over the past week.


Brands have been reacting to the announcement of the historically unexpected but eventually expected Prime Minister - Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (how did that happen?!) So we thought we would share a few:

Weetabix ran a Press Ad showing 10 Downing Street, soon to be Johnson’s humble abode, claiming, “he’s going to need it” - which, to be fair, he probably will.

Procter & Gamble brand Aussie also ran a press ad on the front page of the Metro featuring the line, “Can’t help you lead a country, can control that frizz. Great hair though” - he probably should just shave it off.

Even better, boiler and air-conditioning brand Box took advantage over both the extreme heatwave and the announcement with its out-home-campaign, appearing at 17 sites across London, with the line: “feeling the heat yet, Boris? We can install air conditioning tomorrow.”

The Mirror went even bigger, using a #BorisLiebuster double-decker bus filled with what the newspaper said were some of Johnson’s biggest lies. The bus toured London on Tuesday with NHS workers and trade union members on board.


If you haven’t spotted it already, you’re living under a rock, in fact, you’re probably wearing it right now. The Zara dress is unarguably the most popular summer look, with Instagram account dedicated to sightings of it and the BBC News even writing an article on it - it’s everywhere. People have even resorted to dyeing it and cutting it into different styles to disguise the fact they’re wearing the same as everyone else. Read more about the phenomenon here.


We thought we’d finish the week with a video that Facebook created to start the countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The “Give Your Game Everything” campaign aims to help advertisers prepare for their marketing activation during the games in Japan. Check it out!

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