The Background

Rock Up is home to some of the most thrilling climbing experiences in

the UK, with walls towering over 8m in height and over 70 challenges to get stuck into at each site, there are new ways to climb and have fun every time you visit.

Faced with off peak traffic struggles, we were challenged with the task of keeping digital marketing revenue consistent across the year. This was particularly important during term time. We had to reach new audiences who have never previously visited Rock Up.

What We Did

Through leveraging paid social and detailed cold audience targeting we were able to concentrate on bringing new users to site, who may not have come across Rock Up before.

Continuous testing and optimisations allowed us to fine tune our campaigns, testing several creative media, engaging copy variations, bespoke audiences and eye catching call to actions, we were able to improve our performance across the board; increase click through rates, lowering our overall cost per click for paid social advertising, and drastically reducing our cost per landing page view.

The Results

148% increase in CTR rates across paid social
Lowered cost per click by 58%
Reduced cost per landing page view by 80%
1m+ monthly impressions to an audience located around sites