Top Gun is one of the most iconic films of all time. Be A Bear were tasked with taking an epic premiere show for the latest instalment, Maverick, to a global audience, leveraging local audience to drive a multi-lingual live experience.

The Background

Paramount partnered with YouTube to deliver a global livestream of the Top Gun Premiere show, where Tom Cruise arrived by helicopter on the USS Midway for a star-studded event. The Be A Bear team provided publishing strategy and creative support, working with the Paramount and YouTube team throughout the planning process.

What We Did

This event was reliant on exclusive early adoption of a brand new feature on the YouTube platform: cross-channel Live redirects. This allowed our local teams in Europe, Asia and Latin America to redirect viewers from their Comedy Central and MTV Channels to a language specific live stream, where the chat function was moderated in a local language.

The Be A Bear team moderated and interacted with fans on behalf of MTV, giving them a much more engaging experience. We had over 6,400 live chat messages in the space of an hour across Spanish, Portuguese, German and English channels.