Tis the season to be grimey

November, to us, means two things: Black Friday and Christmas advertising. This year we've seen some exceptional Christmas advertising, including a grime-infused first foray into the Christmas advert competition by IKEA. Check out our favourites below:

Max - McDonald's: #ReindeerReady

McDonald's UK have brought back "reindeer treats" in place of carrot sticks this year. This ad was premiered during I'm A Celebrity on Sunday night, and opens with an animated scene that's reminiscent of Frozen, appealing to families across the nation ahead of Christmas. It's a real heart-warmer when it's getting cold outside.


Emily - Asda: Let's Make Christmas Extra Special

ASDA’s Christmas advert features two siblings who catch a jar of magic from Santa’s sleigh and use it to spread some Christmas spirit around their neighbourhood. We may not be planning on catching magic with a fishing rod for Christmas but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea…


Milly - John Lewis: #ExcitableEdgar

Featuring Edgar the excitable dragon, John Lewis' 2019 Christmas ad pulls on our heartstrings, showing the magic of friendship and inclusiveness, revealing how one thoughtful gesture brings joy to a creature longing for acceptance. My favourite part is seeing Edgar's face light up at the end, instead of the Christmas tree.


Joe - IKEA: Silence The Critics

How does one of the best advertisers in the world take its first step into the UK Christmas Advertising game? Obviously by drafting in one of grime's most credible names. D Double E has joined forces with IKEA to literally silence the critics in this spot, which sees dated furnishings and toys come to life and shame the flats inhabitants into updating their interior design.

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