Wellness doesn't have to be gated off to older audiences. We helped ITV-backed publisher Woo to reach Gen Z audiences at scale, and drive key message of diversity, inclusivity and confidence.

The Background

Who are the client?

Woo is an editorial media brand and marketplace backed by ITV. Woo’s mission is to use culture and entertainment to make lasting societal impact.

The current wellness landscape isn’t designed for gen z. Woo is making wellness discoverable, aspirational and culturally relevant with feel good content, an antidote to the toxic news cycle.

What problem did they come to us with?

Woo approached us to help with their digital advertising and data collection. The main points of focus were driving paid traffic and building brand awareness, while gathering valuable insights into their target audiences.

What We Did

What did we do for the client?

We went into this project with the strong belief that everyone who is Gen Z should know what Woo is.

Our team helped to reach their target audiences at scale and generate valuable leads. While driving traffic is important, knowing who your audience is and where your high value conversions are most likely to occur are key in today's media landscape. Using our insights tool BABI, we were able to collect data from all of their platforms, before visualising it in a highly customisable dashboard. Making this data manageable, interactive and accessible allowed us to decrease our ad spend significantly, as well as creating meaningful connections with the audience and informing editorial decisions.

What methods did we use to help them?

After implementing best practices on their ad platforms and analysing their data, we were working closely with company founder Stephen Mai and his team to come up with learnings and a replicable formula to reach their target audience. We were able to deliver a good amount of traffic at a consistent price after a series of platform, placement and creative tests. In addition, we generated valuable leads and brand awareness by running lead generation campaigns on Facebook and video ads on Instagram.

We also helped Woo collect insights for their upcoming e-commerce launch. We narrowed down their audience and identified high-value conversion potential by testing various shopping articles with affiliate links.

The Results

In the first month of activity we drove the following:

250,000+ pageviews
10,000,000+ ad impressions on Facebook
350,000+ video views on branded content